nortik navigator


The navigator an innovative wood frame single kayak, which has set new standards in that market segment. Unlike most of the regular wood frame folding boats, the navigator fits in only one packing bag, weighs just 22 kg and has a very unique design.

While developing this lightweight single kayak with a wooden frame (white ash and birch plywood), it was clear, that it would be a kayak for the everyday paddler with ambition. It should be quick, stiff and solid, so that every paddler from novice to expert could feel at ease. Based on these considerations, we designed a shape of ribs that is normally reserved for rigid kayaks : a V-shape that slightly rounds up. The V-shape allows high primary stability whereas the rounded shape ensures an excellent secondary stability as well. This particular design is due to the placing of air tubes on both sides. They “embrace” the construction and gives the hull its rounded shape.

A second functional effect of this construction shape: only the keel applies directly pressure on the skin. And this part of the skin is especially reinforced and protected against abrasion by a very strong keel strip. All other parts of the skin are being kept at distance from the frame thanks for the air tubes. Hence the buffer effect: on those parts the skin cannot be easily damaged - unlike with the traditional constructions - because it can always yield a little. For the skin material we chose a mix of the long proven PVC-Polyurethane. PU remains quite flexible by low temperatures (better than PVC) and the UV-resistant material is more abrasion-proof than full PVC.

Reducing the packing size to an only bag required sophisticated techniques for the assembly mechanism. And solution consisted in making a (patented) hinge that allows the gunwales to slide into each other when the boat is being folded. Fitting the gunwales that way, we could save about 15 cm of the whole packing size. The weight has been also optimized based on bionic features and pre-defined load input, to be clear: nature has been used as a model in many aspects.

With this special mechanism we don’t have to use the usual but quite vulnerable snaplocks. The inherent tension of the cross ribs makes the mechanism safe. That type of construction is very solid and quick to assemble/disassemble. All hinges are made of anti-corrosion stainless steel.




Length:  505 cm

Width: 58 cm

Weight: 22 kg

Payload: 150 kg

Cockpit dimensions: 82.5 x 46 cm

Packing size: 115 x 40 x 20 cm


Scope of delivery:

Packing bag that can be used as a backpack, 2 loading hatches, seat, installed keel strip, Lifeline and D-rings on deck, Thigh braces, deck lining, Repair kit


Optional equipment:

Rudder system (including footrest)

Footrest (without rudder system)

Thermal-PU sea sock

Thermal-PU spray skirt

Cockpit cover



Matt grey/black or red/black


RRP: € 3.599


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Andreas Gehret: Norway

Family Dähn: Havel

Christoph Kilian: Baltic Sea