Triton Ladoga 2 advanced - fast award winning double!


Ladoga 2 advanced complete set – the fastest two-party folding boat on the market – with award!


Test winner and super-tip in the great Kanumagazin two-party folding boat comparison test. Excerpt: “maneuvering-wise the Ladoga II leaves nothing to be desired: Through its low weigh, the favorable length-weight-ratio and the long-drawn-out bow the boat immediately accelerates from a standing position (…) and shows all competitors their place. Despite its outstanding performance the Ladoga also offers paddling beginners enough stability in water.” (Source: Kanumagazin, two-party folding boat comparison test, download [in German] under:

As standard keel strips are applied, which additionally save the skin from corrosion in places with high pressure. The removable cover provides easy loading and unloading. The boat is equipped with air tubes on the sides. The Ladoga 2 advanced belongs to the two-party folding boats with one of the highest traveling speeds – if you want so. Therefore it is perfectly fitting for big waters and long distances. Due to a low and stretched outline it reacts furthermore stable and directional stable to crosswind and swell. The installed D-rings, as well as the deck and wraparound leashing belong as well to the standard scope of delivery. In the bow area the boat has a waterproof sealable cargo hatch. This makes it easier to allocate the baggage and in the same way makes it easier assembling or dissembling the boat.

As every other triton advanced folding boat the Ladoga 2 advanced can be stored in only one back pack, so it is easily transportable. Thanks to the sporty design and the high stiffness the boat lies optimal in the water and brings a lot of joy!


The optional available Solo-kit for the Ladoga 2 advanced morphs the quick two-seater into a true long single seater. After installment of the Solo-kit the middle position is ready to take. The kit is composed of a solo cover, hanging seat for the middle, half cross rib and the necessary coaming rod as well as a ridge bar. An ideal addition, if you want to paddle the boat solo. The picture shows the Ladoga 2 advanced solo variant in the color grey/black:


The boat is made of six cross ribs, a double keel as well as on the sides installed air tubes. The boat has the typical eski-bow form. On bow and stern the keel jells strong and provides smooth running and directional stability. In the area of the cockpit the shape turns more into a flatter structure and cause a tremendous stability on the water. A symbiosis, which is strongly beneficial for its driving abilities  and no other producer mastered in such perfection. For longer tours the kayak provides enough luggage room and cargo capacity. On the bow it has a wave rejecter installed.

The Ladoga 2 advanced comes as a complete set. Meaning the steering control, the back pack, the removable cover, the hanging seat, D-rings on deck, deck leashing, repair kit and the cargo hatch on the forecastle as well as the preinstalled keel- and strengthening strip are included. Within the accessories  you will find the fitting spray skirt made of nylon or high-class thermal-PU, hatch covers, sea sock and as well the Solo-kit. Naturally also for the Ladoga 2 advanced sails with outriggers are available.

The kayak comes with a “ready for flat earth”-equipment. Which means on the forecastle a multifunctional bracket is installed, which is needed if you want to install the innovative flat earth sail. Thereby it works as a mast bracket. The multifunctional bracket can also be used for many other things. Among others the wraparound-light form Navisafe is easily attachable there. The left picture shows the light using the example of the Ladoga 2 advanced. The lamp has different regulation modes. With one single grip the light is installed or removed. The Navisafe wraparound-light inclusive magnetic bracket you find in the accessories.

The multifunctional bracket also can be installed with minimal effort afterwards, if you want to upgrade the older models. This is possible with all models of Triton advanced and nortik.



Seats: 2

Length: 600 cm

Width: 75 cm

Weight: 28 kg

Payload: 260 kg

Assembly time: ~30 min

Packing size: 120x48x25 cm

Scope of delivery:

Steering control, backpack, cover, hanging seats, installed stem bang, D-rings on deck, deck leashing, wraparound leashing, repair kit, cargo hatch



Dull red/black

Dull grey/black


 Optional Accessories:

Skirt nylon or Thermal-PU, hatch cover, sea sock Thermal-PU, sails, Solo-kit


RRP: € 2.690


assembly video

An Antarctic expedition (excerpt from the folding boat magazine)


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Family Leonhardt: Croatia

Family Leonhardt: Aland Islands

Mecklenburg Lake District

Björn and Katrin: Corsica

Family Klar: Thailand

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