Triton advanced Canoe

Triton advanced Canoe - New standards in the folding canoe segment

The Triton Canoe combines the traditional form of the "Indian Canoe" with a modern underwater ship and the excellent navigating characteristics like no other folding canoe. The combination of a low keel drop and innovative body plan ensures very good directional stability with sufficient agility when necessary. A special innovation are the slightly raised gunwales: this ensures that there is always sufficient distance to the water surface.

The laterally integrated air hoses not only provide the innovative shape of the underwater ship, but also sufficient buoyancy in case the canoe should be flooded with water. An important safety feature! The canoe comes as standard in a two-person configuration, but can be equipped with an additional centre seat, making it a faithful companion for families with one or two small children. The possible payload of 330 kg is also completely sufficient for this use.

The combination of the aesthetically pleasing form with the excellent properties on the water promises a high degree of pleasure - no matter whether it is a day tour or an expedition lasting several weeks. Theassembly is simple, easy and quick. Another advantage that you will always appreciate. The Triton advanced Canoe is mainly used on lakes and larger rivers. Whether alone, in pairs or with the whole family: thanks to the high directional stability, even long distances can be mastered well.
The canoe consists of 5 frames and a double keel in the middle segment. The boat skin has laterally integrated air hoses and reinforced keel strips already installed. The air hoses form the widest point on the boat, i.e. the material can give way like a buffer under load instead of rubbing itself out under certain circumstances.

The assembly is one of the simplest and fastest in the folding canoe segment. The intelligent design allows many of the parts to be used in different places. For example, it does not matter which of the two cross bows you use on which side. The keel elements can also be swapped back and forth.  It really couldn't be simpler. Like all Triton or nortik boats, the canoe is stowed in a single backpack and, weighing 25 kg, can be easily transported from a car or public transport to the place of action due to the relieving hip belt. Your hands remain free for further luggage!

Accessories include seats specially developed for kneeling paddling, a floor mat made of closed-pore foam (recommended for whitewater use, as the mat forms an additional buffer between the skin and the poles) and a centre seat. A canopy is also available to protect you against splashing water or bad weather conditions. The hood has three hatches as standard. If you only need two, the third can easily be closed with a hatch cover.

The Triton advanced Canoe is delivered with 2 standard seats, backpack, repair set, pump and the already installed keel and reinforcement strips on the gunwales. Two colour combinations are available: light grey/black and red/black.

Seating Capacity: 2
Length: 480 cm
Width: 98 cm
weight: 25 kg
Payload: 330 kg
Construction time: ~20 min.
packing size: 120x48x35 cm
Scope of delivery:
pack backpack
installed keel strips
repair set

light grey/black
matt red/black

Optional accessories:
hood with 3 hatches
hatch cover
Seats for kneeling paddling
floor mat
middle seat

UVP: € 2.290


black / light grey

black / red

assembly video


Ground mat (RRP: Euro 99.-)

Seats for kneeing paddling (RRP: Euro 139.-)

Middle seat (RRP: Euro 69.-)