PakCanoe 160


PakCanoe 160 complete set

The PakCanoe 160 is the perfect all-rounder. With a length of 4.90 m, the boat has enough space for two people and has enough loading capacity to take the equipment for a two- or three-week expedition tour. On the other hand, it is also perfectly fit for a easy day trip on a lake. The boat is available in red or green, each with a black bottom.

The 160 can be trimmed by positioning the load depending on the situation. This allows the boat to be easily maneuvered in waves as well as in calm waters. When it comes to a comfortable trip on calm waters, two adults and a child can also be comfortably seated in the 160. Especially the high tipping stability makes it also a popular family boat. Like all PakCanoes, the 160 can also be used up to whitewater level III.

If you are almost always traveling in pairs and do not need an extremely high payload, the 160 is the best choice. A spraydeck is also available as an accessory for the boat. Optionally, another bench seat can be installed in the middle.

Seats: 2
Length: 490 cm
Width: 94 cm
Height: 36 cm
Weight: 24 kg
Payload: 345 kg
Assembly time: ~20 min.
Packing size: 90x43x33 cm

red or green

"Complete set"- (scope of delivery of all PakCanoes):

  • Packing bag
  • 2 bench seats
  • 2 installed D-rings
  • 5 installed keel strips
  • reinforced gunwale channels
  • floor mat
  • Air pump
  • end caps
  • repair kit

RRP: € 2.099,-


assembly video