PakCanoe 150


PakCanoe 150 complete set

The PakCanoe 150 offers room for two people and has enough load capacity for equipment on a one-week camping tour.
The 150 is ideal for smaller family outings and fishing adventures. In addition, the boat can easily cope with white water up to level III and, depending on the trim, can be easily manoeuvred in waves as well as in calm waters. The 150 canoe has a length of 4.55 m with a width of 89 cm and a sideboard height of 34 cm. The boat is available in red or green with black bottom.

For the 150, an optional conversion kit (consisting of five cross bows) is available to change the shape of the boat. You have, so to speak, two boats in one. That makes sense if you want to adapt the boat shape to your surrounding: flat and wide for moving waters or deep and narrow for long wilderness walks on calmer waters. By using the conversion kit, you can change the width of the 150 from 89 cm to 84 cm and the sideboard height from 34 to 36 cm. So your 150's getting narrower and deeper. For example, the 150 can also be used as a solo canoe . If required, a Bench Seat can also be installed in the middle.

Seats: 2 (1)
Length: 455 cm
Width: 89 cm
Height: 34 cm
Weight: 22 kg
load capacity: 295 kg
assembly time: ~20 min.
packing size: 90x43x33 cm

red or green

"Complete set"- included with all PakCanoes:

packing bag
2 bench seats
2 installed D-rings
5 installed keel strips
reinforced gunwhales
floor mat
tyre pump
end caps
repair set

RRP€ 1.999,-


assembly video


Spraycovers are available for the PakCanoes 160,165 and 170.
For the 150 and 165 there is a conversion kit available.

For all models available:
knee pads
additional seats
motor mountings, etc.

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