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Argo – That’s what they called the incredible fast ship of the Argonauts in Greek mythology. The most famous 50 heroes lead by Jason went on their big journey to bring back the “Golden Fleece”. On that occasion they had to endure a lot of adventures in which the ship always played a big role. Thanks to its robustness and speed a lot of obstacles could be overcome and the mission finally was brought to a successful ending.

Following that the nortik argo was designed as a big tourer – which also could be used for small adventures, of course. All in all it is a fast, extremely stable, stiff and robust one-seater with a lot of space for luggage. The design and the innovative layout strongly remind on the nortik navigator and you could say that it is the big brother of it. The argo is 5.20 m long and 62 cm wide, which leads to a greater volume and more space for gear.

The robust boat skin is made of our proven PVC/PU-mixture the kayak has installed keel strips as a standard. In order to keep the price and weight “bearable” we decided to use aluminium for the frame. needs a bit more care if used in salt water, but also is significantly lighter. As with all the boats from nortik the argo is packed in only one backpack and its weight is incredible 19 kg. The argo is 100% water tight, there are no open seams. The comfortable hanging seat can be adjusted at the sides and bottom. The nortik argo was tested by several special interest magazines, is expedition proven and is one of the most sold expedition folding kayak one-seater in the world.

Standard equipment includes keel strips, thigh braces, bow and stern hatch cover for easy loading packing bag, life line, repair kit. Perfect accessories complete the range. There is a spray skirt and sea sock available. Both made of Thermal-PU that keeps you dry, is light-weight and robust. A rudder system can be installed, too. The nortik kayak sail system fits on the argo, if you want to use the wind for your next paddling trip. Please note that an aluminium frame has to be protected against salt water, if you use the boat in the sea. The protection is called CorroFilm and available at your dealer. With that you have no worries in salty water.

In sum, the argo is a great expedition folding kayak with an up-to-date shape, less weight and a perfect packing size. If you don`t go on big expedition, it is also allowed to use it in a recreational way – no worry!



Length: 520 cm

Width: 62 cm

Weight: 19 kg

Payload: 160 kg

Cockpit dimensions: 82.5 x 46 cm

Packing size: 115 x 40 x 25 cm

Skin: PVC/PU

Frame: aluminium


Scope of delivery:

Packing bag that can be used as a backpack, 2 loading hatches, seat, installed keel strip, Lifeline and D-rings on deck, Thigh braces, deck lining, , Multifunction mount (e.g. for the nortik kayak sail system or a light), Repair kit


Optional equipment:

Rudder system (including footrest)

Footrest (without rudder system)

Thermal-PU sea sock

Thermal-PU spray skirt

Cockpit cover

XL- thigh braces (for bigger paddlers)

Nortik kayak sail system



Matt grey/black or red/black


RRP: € 2.699

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Assembly Instruction

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Customer tour galleries

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