Triton Vuoksa 2 advanced


Vuoksa 2 advanced complete set – the two in one folding boat

The vuoksa 2 advanced counts as a hiking kayak and bribes besides its incredible cost-benefit-ratio through tremendous stiffness and a lot of space. Especially for river or baggage trips it is ideal. The frame is made of aluminum and the boat skin out of resistant PVC/PU mixture. The UV-stabile skin material originates in Scandinavia and has compared to pure PVC the advantage that it stays flexible also in cold temperatures and is overall more abrasion-proof. The vuoksa 2 advanced comes of course with the as standard installed stem bang.

The boat is equipped on the side with air tubes and that way is eminently tilt resistant and unsinkable. The vuoksa 2 advanced has a high directional stability and through the removable cover is easily loadable. The main fields of application of the hiking kayaks out of the triton advanced series are rivers and lakes. If you want to go on longer trips the vuoksa 2 advanced is exactly what you are looking for.

The two-seater is with a payload of 250 kg greatly loadable and that way is the perfect vehicle for a multi-week trip in untouched wilderness. Another advantage of the vuoksa 2 advanced: Inherently the vuoksa 2 advanced can also be paddled solo, which is ideal if you want to paddle alone from time to time and other times as a pair. While paddling solo (small picture left) a middle position can be taken which provides an optimal trim of the kayak. For solo-paddler, which need a lot of space for payload, this variant is just as well. Optionally available is a solo-cover.

The foot steering system and the two-person-cover is already contained in the scope of delivery. As with all folding boats out of the triton advanced series it can be stored in only one backpack and be easily transported. That way your hands are free for your baggage.

And if you want to set sail, you are good to go, if there are suitable wind conditions on a lake. For all Triton advanced models there are sails with outriggers offered.


The boat is made of four frames, a double keel as well as two on the sides installed air tubes. The flat hull shape provides a tremendous tilt stability and easy maneuverability. Steering on the water is provided through the v-shaped bow and stern areas. Stem bangs are installed as standard and protect against abrasion. The steering control eases paddling on narrow rivers or open waters with much side wind. On the bow it has a wave rejecter installed.

The vuoksa 2 advanced comes as a complete set. Meaning the steering control, the back pack, the removable cover, the comfortable seats, D-rings on deck, deck leashing and repair kit as well as the preinstalled keel- and strengthening strip are included. Within the accessories  you will find the fitting spray skirts, hatch covers and as well the Solo-kit.  



Seats: 2 (1)

Length: 482 cm

Width: 85 cm

Weight: 24 kg

Payload: 250 kg

Assembly time: ~25 min

Packing size: 120x48x30 cm


Scope of delivery:

Steering control, backpack, two-person-cover, comfortable seats, installed stem bang, deck leashing, repair kit



Dull red/black

Dull blue/black


Optional Accessories:

Skirt nylon or Thermal-PU, hatch cover, sails, Solo-cover


UVP: € 2.490


assembly video


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