Pakboats Quest 150

Pakboats has reopened the Quest theme for this season and is now showing a kayak that has been perfected in many detail solutions.

With the new Quest 150 Pakboats has made a real coup: The combination of a rigid construction with a simple and quick assembly. The whole thing is combined with good driving characteristics and a weight, which is typical for Pakboats: just 14.1 kg at a length of 455 cm! This has been achieved by the light and extremely robust PU skin material. The frame is reduced to a minimum and has a simple and efficient clamping mechanism.

The PU-coated deck is included in the scope of delivery and allows the stable attachment of a spray skirt. The Quest 150 can also be paddled open, i. e. without a deck, as the seat structure is installed completely independent of it. In addition to the advantage of easy loading, the Quest almost gives you a sit-on-top feeling, although it will most certainly be used as a touring kayak in its closed form.

Unlike the Puffins, the Quest is much more designed for touring, has a sportier boat shape and includes a deck. The Quest has its place between the leisure-oriented Puffins and professional touring kayaks in combination with an unbeatable small pack size in sports bag format, easy and fast assembly and a very light weight.

The Quest 150 is the ideal boat for the more ambitious paddler.


Data Quest 150

Seating Capacity: 1
Length: 455 cm
Width: 61 cm
Weight: 14,1 kg
Load capacity: 130 kg
assembly time: ~15 min.
packing size: 75x35x25 cm

Scope of delivery:
Seat, deck (available in either yellow or blue), bag, repair kit, air pump, installed keel strips, cover line

Colours: hull: black, deck: yellow or blue

Accessories: inflatable footrest, fixed (removable) footrest, sprayskirt

UVP: 1.799,- €


assembly video


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