nortik scubi 1 - The hybrid with award winning qualities!


Just paddle: the concept scubi

The concept scubi is above all one thing: uncomplicated recreational fun on the water. Through the fusion of technologies of folding and inflatable kayaks, we created a hybrid out of both systems. The minimized frame lends the kayak the essential stiffness and structure for better tracking and behavior in the water in comparison to inflatable kayaks of the same size.

Beside the few frame parts the air elements are an essential component of the boat and make sure that the assembly is uncomplicated. The air tubes have in action a 0.25 bar pressure. The skin of the scubi is made of robust and tear-resistant PVC/PU material-mix. The scubi has reinforcement strips at the bottom, so called keel strips.
The scubi follows different application fields. Designed as a leisure boat it allows uncomplicated paddling fun at the weekend, on vacation or just for fun, e.g. if you seek a break from your daily routine. At the same time it is also a great kayak for professional paddlers, that could be used for short evening rounds or relaxed weekend trips.

No complicated transportation to the place of action, no heavy weight to carry, no time-consuming assembly. Just take the compact carry bag (with backpack function) and sit e.g. in the bus or train or take your bike to get to the next river or lake. And within shortest time you are sitting in the boat and can start – uncomplicated and with a lot of fun. That’s how the concept scubi works.

The scubi 1 has been awarded with the “Price Tip” by one of Europe’s best known paddling magazines, the Kanumagazin. Extract from the test report of the Kanumagazin:
“nortik scubi – the always-take-along-boat (…) turned out to be a racer with real tracking quality. The hybrid merges the sleekness of a folding boat with the low weight of an inflatable raft. The continuous keel rod and the slim stems ensure a very good stability and easy movement (…). With a not to long paddle the scubi is still maneuverable without a steering control by an inexperienced paddler. Thanks to the low weight (…) it fits perfectly on a train baggage rack or on a bicycle rack. (…) The knee strap provides additional contact with the boat, which is a big advantage for precise maneuvering during swell and light white water. Conclusion: The scubi is the perfect the always-take-along-boat for your short trip (…).”

The special thing about the scubi is its internal construction, which is reminiscent of the design of folding boats, while being limited to a minimum to ensure its light weight and short assembly time. The single elements and the attachment for the air tubes are linked with each other. For lateral stiffness it has four small cross ribs. The bottom isn’t made of air elements and thus allows a draught in the water which leads to the good tracking result. Think of an inflatable kayak with a flat bottom – that boat is always only on the water surface and affected by wind, waves and stream – not in the water like a scubi with the hybrid technology. Its tracking is much better and you need less energy to reach your destination, because your kayak runs with draught in the water. A very important advantage!

As for the paddle we recommend the nortik allround fiberglass with a length of 230 cm or 240 cm, either as two-piece – or if it should go into the carry bag – also as four-piece paddle.

Seats: 1
Length: 320 cm
Width: 75 cm
Weight: 9 kg
Payload: 110 kg
Assembly time: ~10 min
Packing size: 88x18x37 cm

Scope of delivery:
Carry bag with backpack function,
comfortable seat,
air pump,
installed keel strips,
D-rings on deck,
deck leashing,
repair kit

cockpit cover

red/black, blue/black, orange/black

The scubi 1 is suggested for persons with a height of maximal 190 cm. Larger persons: have a look at the scubi 1 XL!    


RRP:  € 799,-


Assembly video

Assembly instruction

Customer tour galleries

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Oliver Rössel: Seychellen

Jordi Cots: Island