nortik fold 4.2 -das Origami Kajak


The nortik fold 4.2 is a “folding kayak” in the true sense of the word. It consists of a single solid plate and can easily be folded into itself entirely in the style of the origami technique. This is the nortik fold. The fold 4.2 has a length of 420 cm and is robust because of its solid material. There is not such a danger to damage the material by fold it wrong and there is no possibility to get water into the material and it is nearly free of maintenance. The folding technique is simple and the kayak is ready for use in less than 5 minutes.


The nortik fold follows a revolutionary origami concept of having your portable kayak ready in less than a few minutes and go on the water wherever you want. There are only a few parts to put together and your fold is ready to use. Disassembled you can store your nortik fold easily wherever you have a small place for it. You don’t need a garage or a place at your canoe club. It also fits in your car or you can use the comfortable backpack function of the storage bag and go by train, bus or even walk to the place you want to go on the water. Is has hardly been easier to be active on the water with your own kayak.


The solid material allows us to install things as you might be used to it from hard-shell kayaks. Parts can be riveted or screwed on it without problems. This special material is made especially for the nortik fold. It doesn’t brake if it gets cold nor does the sun and UV rays have an impact on it when you use the boat in summer. It can be folded several thousand times without problems and can easily be cleaned once it got dirty. It is an innovative, never-seen before material in the field of folding kayaks with an elegant appearance.


Already a few years ago, we dealt with some ideas of the late 1960s and early 1970s, which followed the idea of ​​a foldable hard shell kayak. Various patterns and prototypes emerged from these considerations and influences, which we repeatedly rejected due to the problematic material selection. In our opinion, the use of the right material is one of the most important factors in a kayak of this kind. For example, many plastics such as PE or HDPE have a too soft surface structure, while other materials are too brittle or simply unsuitable for folding.

Corrogated plastic is a material that is used by some manufacturers for kayaks of this type. But this material is thin-walled and unfortunately allows irreversible wrong foldings since the material always wants to follow its inner structure and this is not the same like the folding lines have to be. This unfortunately also means that - once misfolded - the inner structure of the corrogated plastic is destroyed at that point inside and the failure remains forever in the boat. From our point of view, such a risk must be excluded from the outset by the material selection. Another problem of hollow-chamber material is also that it can fill with water. This inevitably occurs with the smallest damage to the outer material and can quickly lead to the formation of dirt and algae between and in the small walls inside.


After a long time, we have found a material mixture which has the necessary characteristics for us: robust, UV-resistant, cold-resistant, and the best: extremely tough. The robust solid material (no hollow chambers!) also allows installations like the ones used by hard-shell kayaks. This material mixture - it is called nortilen - is made especially for the nortik fold in the necessary widths and lengths. No chambers inside, hardly possible wrong foldings and no permanent dirt formation. The ideal material for an origami-style kayak!

The nortik fold can be folded a thousand times along the hinges and the kayak can be cleaned easily if it gets dirty. The especially manufactured material is innovative and unique in the area of ​​the folding and origami kaykas and also has a very elegant appearance. The concept was also designed to ensure the highest possible environmental compatibility. In addition to a raw material-efficient production, the full recyclability is an important factor for us. For some components we also use already recycled material.


The nortik fold 4.2 is 100% handmade and carefully produced. This guarantees a great workmanship and quality.  



Length: 420 cm

Width: 62 cm

Weight: 16 kg

Payload: 130 kg

Cockpit dimensions: 75 x 45,5 cm

Packing size: 92 x 30 x 74 cm


Scope of delivery:

Packing bag that can be used as a backpack, installed foot pegs, adjustable and comfortable seat, deck lining


Optional equipment:

Thermal-PU sea sock

Thermal-PU spray skirt

Cockpit cover




RRP: Euro 1.599



OnTour (catalogue excerpt)

assembly video

disassembly video

assembly instruction

Thermal-PU sprayskirt (RRP: Euro 89.-)

Thermal PU sea sock (RRP: Euro 129.-)